Flu or maybe just Blue?

Create your Personal Prescription for Wellbeing Today my stomach is messed up and I have an attitude for no reason. Could it be that the President’s “shithole” comments last week are getting to me? Or the winter storm that brings with it cabin fever, crazy drivers, grey skies and wet snow? And someone isn’t returning my calls. Maybe it’s the beginning of the flu. I don’t know for sure.   Where’s that kick-ass, I can do anything attitude in 2018 that clung to me like honey just a few weeks ago?  I’m looking… I enjoy practicing mindfulness, because in the past a stomach ache was just a stomach ache. Must have…
Take The Test

Fear No More

Take this test… The goal for all of us is a fearless life.  That’s it.  Without fear you can go boldly forward and create the life you desire. The sky is the limit. I am discovering that this only works for those who take audacious action despite the risk of failure or embarrassment.  Soooo, I am going to test this. Remember in the Raiders of the Lost Ark where Harrison Ford had to take a step off of a mountainside when it looked like a deep canyon? He needed a miracle. He took that step, and a bridge actually appeared and supported him.  It was camouflaged and he did not…
What does an Authentic Life look like?

2018 Infinite Possibilities

What does an Authentic Life look like? I know what you want your life to look like.  I can sense it.  You want to be a little slimmer, less stressed and a happier version of your present self. The good news is you can create the life you have always wanted this year.  This 2018 is here full of energy and ripe for you to have what you desire.  This energy is explosive.  From raging wildfires to frigid cold and snow, where it ain’t supposed to snow. And look at what’s going on with our leaders in Washington, DC?!?!?  For sure, everything and anything is possible.  It is time for…
Crash Diets and New Year's Resolutions

Lose 20 lbs in 20 Weeks?

Crash Diets and New Year’s Resolutions…Two things I love to hate! This dynamic combination never seems to work.  So in August of this year I decided to do something different.   On August 12, with 20 weeks left in the year and the need for a 20-pound weight loss, I decided try to lose one pound per week until the end of the year.  I call it the 20 in 20 Challenge.  For me, it addressed two issues. First, I typically try to lose too much weight in too short of a time period.  It works temporarily – but never lasts.  So, I figured I should be able to consistently lose…
Set your Intention to change your relationship to food.

5 Steps to Healthy Lifestyle Choices in 2018

A new aspiring UGottaEat member LOVES the app and is waiting for the Chefs feature to be completed so she can make purchases because she doesn’t have time to cook.  It got me thinking …What has happened in the last 30 years that makes the same 24 hours in the day inadequate for families to eat at home and find time to cook? Answer– Lifestyle Choices. The answer to the question is in both words equally.  You can consciously make shifts in your lifestyle to improve your wellbeing. Did you know that health is the body’s natural state? It’s what we expose our bodies to that takes us out of…
Your expectations color your perspective on things.

Expectations are a Tricky Thing

Your expectations color your perspective on things. So let’s take an inventory of our December expectations. I expect to spend more money than I want to. I expect to receive some gifts. I expect to eat and drink a lot. I have to close the books. Show my face. Bring a gift. Catch a flight. Make a dish… We also have general expectations that aren’t as personal. We expect adults to know what they are doing. We expect our teachers to educate us, our bosses will lead us to success, our kids to outlive us. We expect the world to be fair. Author Langston Hughes said it best, “Well, son,…
Watch the warning signs

3 Steps to Stop Worry

Look for Early Warning Signs Today I will slow down enough to let peace catch up with me and protect me from choices made under stress. –November 28th Affirmation in A Year of ME. Worried about something? Stressed? We all face obstacles at one time or another.  This is the natural rhythm of life.  The problem isn’t the obstacle. The problem is the accompanied worry and anxiety. No one tells you HOW not to worry. So here are three steps to stop worrying… 1. BE STILL. The problem has been sent directly to you for a reason. Be still and pay attention to exactly what the problem is trying to…
Looking at Wellbeing in a new light

A Year of ME: Looking at Wellbeing in a New Light

Tonya Kinlow, founder of UGottaEat, recently released a book entitled, A Year of (ME) Mindful Eating To Improve Wellbeing. A Year of ME is a compilation of daily affirmations devoted to improving one’s overall health by increasing mindfulness through eating. The book, and its 366 affirmations, is designed to meet you where you are and shake up your thinking. The daily affirmations are broken down by season starting with Spring, however, you do not have to wait until Spring to start (this season is representative of renewal and awareness). During this time, A Year of ME will help reveal the conditioning we’ve experienced in our day-to-day lives that have inhibited…