Recent Post: Sharing Food is Wellness


Sharing Food is Wellness

I am Optimistic No I’m not.  I’m terrified.  But I believe in practicing positivity. As a Man Thinketh so he is, and all that jazz.  You talk about it, then you believe it, and then you become it. I need affirmations because the Universe is clearly calling me in a certain direction, and quite honestly, I am afraid.  Here’s why… UGottaEat is leading a mission to promote Sharing Food as the most efficient holistic approach to achieve health and happiness for you, for others and for the earth.  Ok, so why am I scared? Because I have to convince you that this is true for a real change to happen,…
Sleep Is Good For The Soul!

Is Rest Essential to your Wellness?

There’s so much to do.  So little time to do it.  Is rest really that important?  Yes, yesss, YESSS! Here’s why… Remember when you were a kid and had bed times around 7:00, then 8:00, then 9:00, and eventually you were left on your own to go to bed responsibly. Oh boy I just knew I was grown then!  I tested the boundaries of my new found freedom by talking on the phone and trying to watch the late night talk shows. I wasn’t one of those wimps that went to bed early was I?  I continued this into college, again swept with the new found freedom of independence. Freshman…

Have Dinner with your Family

How is having dinner with your family healthy? Airing the dirty family laundry, vying for attention, and fighting for food does not feel healthy to me! Counting seats, setting the table, doing the dishes and putting up leftovers is how I remember it. Yes, but if it sounds sad, don’t cry for me.  The family dinner time is one of my favorite memories.  Here’s how it all went down… Growing up, family dinners went something like this…on weeknights we would get called to dinner and whoever was there had to come sit at the dinner table, hungry or not.  There were 7 in my household.  If friends or cousins were…

Do A Good Deed Week: How Random Acts of Kindness are good for your Health

UGottaEat is a sponsor of 7 Weeks to Wellness, a WELL Cleveland program leading up to Global Wellness Day on June 9th.  I’ve been loving this week’s theme– Do a Good Deed. I’ve been doing daily affirmation videos from A Year of Me as reminders on Facebook, and I hope you’ve been seeing them, and have been inspired to show someone an extra kindness. If not, you can catch some in this week’s newsletter.  It’s never too late to start.  You may question, what does doing a good deed have to do with health & wellness or what we eat?  Well I’m glad you asked. Like Lauryn Hill’s song, Everything…
Wellness Retreat

Wellness Retreat

Two weeks ago, I attended a spiritual retreat in beautiful Sedona, Arizona. It was a magical time in a high-energy location, full of natural wonders that made me feel like Alice in Wonderland. These inexplicable Truths are best told with parables, or in today’s lingo, some good old storytelling.  Last week I gave you my lessons to living a mindful life.  This week I’ll share the amazing stories of synchrodestiny that make it impossible to any longer deny the power these lessons hold within. On this amazing weekend retreat, I met like-minded people, who believe there is a 6th sense (in the simplest terms), and desire to unleash that power.…
Sedona Sun

A Wellness Retreat for All

I am not the Victim of the World I see* This past weekend I attended a spiritual retreat in beautiful Sedona, Arizona. So many people get freaked out when there’s talk about spiritual awakenings and retreats.  I’ve heard some call it hippy-talk and immediately shut down. So I won’t go into vortexes, sacred spaces, chakras, nor any crystals or meditation stuff.  Maybe that’s just too far out for you.  But if you have ever watched the sunrise in respect, and contemplated life, then you already have some sense of the power that I experienced.  If you are interested in how this power can change lives, then read on. There’s so…
Women Need Women

4 Reasons You Can’t Do IT Alone

What is IT you say? Your passions, purpose, wellness…YOUR LIFE! I am a natural loner and like to do things by myself. It’s easier that way. I usually won’t tell people what I am working on until I am 99% complete. That’s how I roll. This may be the natural plight of a middle child, and I say plight because this has often been the hard way of getting things done. The reality is you can’t do IT alone. Yes, there are things that solely require your attention but not everything. I had to learn this the hard way and when I finally faced the truth, I found four reasons…
Find Wellness in Just 7 Weeks

7 Weeks to Wellness

Wellness is a mindset and a lifestyle…and so is sickness.  Here are some mindsets that with small shifts will change your life IMMEDIATELY, and help heal the sickness around us. Health Insurance vs. Wellness Coverage Don’t treat Health Insurance like Car Insurance.  Car Insurance is used to limit your cost of damage in accidents. While the preventive maintenance, like oil changes and tire rotations, is up to you. There are preventive maintenance benefits covered in many Healthcare plans because it saves money in the long term if you are healthy instead of sick.  Here are a few typical Wellness Benefits: Annual physicals, teeth cleanings, smoking cessation, and nutritional support.  So…

UGottaEat is Here!

We Officially have 14 local chefs signed up and selling fresh food on the UGottaEat (UGE) app in the Cleveland Ohio area.  These UGE Certified chefs have restaurants, or are independent chefs that use a certified kitchen, have food safety training, and are committed to providing only fresh-made meals! It’s been a long journey.  The timing has taken a lot longer than anticipated, but we’ve done it the right way.  We have been deliberate and stayed true to the mission to feed the world by providing access to delicious, unprocessed local foods to eaters who desire it.  Simple.  We have been maniacal about food safety assurances from our chefs, creating…
You Are What You Eat!


I eat fresh made food.  That’s today’s affirmation and this year’s rallying cry.  Fressshhhh.  Feels good, doesn’t it?  Like a fresh new day when you breathe in clean, crisp air.  A freshly starched shirt.  A brand new dress.  Fresh new sheets and towels, and a cleeeeean house.  Oh yes, you know the feeling! When the countertops are clear, you smell the clean air and can still see the vacuum lines in the carpet. When It comes to food, what do you think of?  Fresh fruit.  Fresh seafood.  Crisp apples, juicy plums, vine-ripened tomatoes. Deep green vegetables. Fresh is best, and you are what you eat.  So let’s connect the dots. …