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Eaters, we all know what it’s like to crave something. The worst part about being hungry for something so specific is not knowing where to find it and having no time or energy to run to the grocery store to make it yourself. UGottaEat invites you to share your food cravings with our Chef community, we call it Homemade On-Demand. Chefs will see your posts and bid with other food professionals and you choose who will prepare your requested dish!

Restaurants & Caterers

Restaurateurs & Caterers, use the UGottaEat App to showcase the Chefs in your kitchens, test new menu items, and communicate with regular diners who cook on the App by eating their dishes and giving feedback. We will be the perfect test ground for your new menu launch, for a secret menu only available to diners. The sky’s the limit for direct feedback from new and existing customers. Download the app today and see how easy it UGottaEat will make your life and how much your customers are going to love it.

Home Cooks

Foodies, the UGottaEat App is here to help you turn your hobby and love of cooking at home into a career where you choose when you want to share or sell your dishes. The UGE App is great for building your brand and gaining real feedback from a network of fellow foodies, like you!

Culinary Institutions

Culinary students & faculty, let UGottaEat be a testing ground for culinary lessons and assignments, fundraisers, and portfolio building. You can have your students share their knowledge from course curriculum with potential foodies looking to enroll in culinary school. Help us, help you inspire others by showing how your culinary institution is shaping you into a professional culinarian.

“We believe there is a special joy in sharing meals with friends and family. No one should go hungry” ~Tonya Kinlow, UGE Founder